Interview with Shoutout HTX

Back in January I was interviewed by Shoutouthtx about my journey into content creation and online business. I will be posting a small excerpt of the article here and the rest you can read on their page.

We had the good fortune of connecting with Marcial “Marz” Pimentel and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Marcial “Marz”, we’d love to hear about how you approach risk and risk-taking
Risk is something that young people (and people in general) don’t take enough of. I very firmly believe that under a certain age people should be waaay more risk tolerant. I’m talking before people have to worry about feeding kids or a mortgage (funnily enough I have one). The “worst” that can happen for people taking certain risks is so much more minimized earlier on in life and when you have certain safety nets in place (family and support)

I believe in risk taking so much that on 2 separate occasions now I’ve left high paying (75 – 85k) salaried positions to follow my interests. And both times turned into me being let go in under 6 months because of outside reasons.

And that leads me to my last point: regret. I will never say that I regret making those decisions, but I would have definitely regretted not doing it and learning.

Read the rest on their site:

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How to build a community in a less popular game.

A poster on r/contentcreation was asking how to build a following if they only play games that aren’t as popular as LoL or COD and that nobody watches.
I responded that they needed to flip their perspective and look at it as an advantage.

1000 True Fans

I first linked him the oft-mentioned “1000 true fans” to change how you describe “small”
The cliff notes for the original article is that if you cultivate a grp of 1000 (not fixed) fans willing to pay $100 for your content, you’d have $100k in a year
Now 1000 people may seem daunting, but finding people interested in your niche is the easiest it’s ever been thanks to the hyper-connected age we live in

Less = More

The next piece of advice I gave was to recognize that creating content in an underserved category works to your BENEFIT
Here’s a screenshot of the 0 view streamers for LoL before I decided the picture would be too big:
And that’s ZERO VIEWERS!
Compare that to the visibility you’d get in a category that only has <10 STREAMERS! Or none, like this game I looked up (which btw look at the # of followers)

Closing Thoughts

Now it’s still hard work to make content that people will watch, but it’s all about your perspective and JUST STARTING If you’re looking for a friendly group of creators trying to improve their content and share tips consider joining my Twitter Community!
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